Everano Fertilizer

Allmix Flowering Period

This flowering mix isspecially designed for the flowering period of tub/potted plants.
$11.88 incl tax

All in one Mini Kit

This Starter Kit contains: 1 bag of Start - 50gr / 1.76 oz 1 bag Increase - 100gr / 3.52 oz 1 bag Flowering - 100gr / 3.52 oz 1 bag Boost - 10gr / 0.35 oz
$37.80 incl tax

Bio PK Booster

This Bio-PK Booster regulates the absorption and transport of nutrients and plays an important role in the flowering and fruiting in pot, tub and garden plants
$18.90 incl tax

Start Fertilizer

NPK 11 - 40 - 13.
$10.80 incl tax

Soil Bacteria

Bacterias to enrich and protect your soil and plants.
$18.36 incl tax

Bio Starter Kit

The Bio starter kit has been created especially for the small scale horticulturist who wants to achieve high quality results in his garden, greenhouse or a vegetable area.
$52.92 incl tax

Fragrance poles contra wild pigs

Fragrance poles contra wild pigs are used to keep away the wild pigs of your property, harvests, or anywhere else you do not want them. The smells the poles produce at strategical places will chase them away without hurt, kill or fences !
$254.83 incl tax

Capsanem contra caterpillars

Biological solution against caterpillars and other larves
$129.60 incl tax

Twister Y2 industrial buds cutting machine

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$5,394.60 incl tax


Foliar (spray) fertilizer
$37.80 incl tax
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