About us

Everano Flower Power Fertilizers is a fertilizer brand of solid nutrients for cannabis, based in Europe. Our extensive experience, applied to the special formulas of the Basic Line fertilizers and the Biological Line fertilizers, has served to create two lines that are respectful with the environment, economical, and of high quality, to guarantee a sustainable future and to be faithful to our responsibility with the environment. Both our mineral and biological fertilizers meet the wishes and expectations of marijuana growers, ensuring good quality and abundant harvests of crystallized buds.
Our Basic Line fertilizers (water soluble NPK fertilizers) are ideal for any growing medium, soil, coco and soilless crops, offering a multifaceted solution to the challenges that growers face. In addition to providing complete and balanced nutrition, it prevents clogging of the fertigation equipment, provides easy and rapid absorption of essential nutrients by plants, simple to use, and 100% soluble with zero residue.
For the Lovers of the Organic Farming of marihuana we have a selection of amendments and fertilizers in our Biological Organic Line of fertilizers that are all that is needed to create happy plants and improve soil health, respecting lifestyle choices, both Vegan and Organic. One big difference with our Basic Line fertilizers is that these organic nutrients should not be mixed with water, but distributed evenly in the soil of the plants.
We have a wide selection of Specialized Fertilizer Kits to choose from that cover all the needs, wishes, and ways of growing cannabis. Both for indoor and outdoor crops, for self-cultivators and for professional crops (large growers), Kits for mother plants and Kits for cuttings or seedlings, as well as different specific Biological fertilizer Kits for recycling soil and Kits to improve the structure and texture of the soil. 
We are assisting clients in medical, recreational and industrial cannabis cultivation, providing cannabis consulting and solutions to increase efficiency and quality while reducing operational challenges.  We are Happy to help you develop and maximize your cannabis cultivations in every stage of the cannabis life cycle. Please Feel Free to Contact Us!