About us

At Everano we have a long history. It all started a long time ago in the Netherlands. Being next to tulips and greenhouses full of tomatoes and other vegetables, the environment was perfect for developing new ways to fertilize and improve what was already there. We started making our own fertilizers, with the goal of improving fertilizers for all types of crops, indoor and outdoor, specialized for use with irrigation systems, so that they would be 100% soluble, with no residues in the water, substrates and above all in the plants themselves. To be used with any type of water worldwide. This action gave rise to Flower Power Fertilizers, making us an authority in the world of fertilizers in the world of cultivation. The company has roots in Amsterdam, and so we have a liberal outlook. All in all, with a progressive attitude, it made us also look at other crops that are grown all over the world that are not so common and not so well known, such as very specific plants, plants for fun smoking, plants for delicatessen, plants for medicine and plants in unusual places. All this made us develop better and better fertilizers, and also made us look for fertilizers that fit better in this environmental world that we all appreciate. We decided to also create a biological and ecological line, above the basic line. Which fits exactly with our philosophy of producing clean and functional fertilizers that contribute to make our beautiful world and the products we fertilize better and as clean as possible in every possible way. In terms of irrigation and also that the crop results are as they should be, healthy and contributing to better end results related to sustainability, taste, smell, environment and crops. Together with people from well-known institutes such as Wageningen University, and farmers in the field as well as indoors, we were able to test our products with a wide range of users and locations, which resulted in the excellent products we can now offer for use on your crops.