Available for Everybody

09 October 2022

All around us we can see prices are raising for energy, produkts and even services. This happens globally and causes difficulties for many people. We, at Everano Flower Power, do not agree on this devaluation of value for money. For this reason we will continue keeping the prices of our produkts low and continue to offer transport for orders anywhere in the world for set cheap prices! We strongly beleive it must be possible for everybody to grow their own (medicine) plants at affordable prices. Its also seen many "green" companies raise prices of biological and organic produkts because of these reasons and for tendencies all over. We do not follow this trend. About Organic & Biological Fertilizers we keep bringing down prices to make sure we can make the change, together with our clients, to makes our mother earth more healthier, sustainable and for this reason happier for every organism we can and cannot see, including humans. This also effects the non growers because we are all living in the same world. Be One with our Mother Earth, with what we do and create, cultivating medicine or recreational  plants, on every scale. Enjoy your Crop and Life, and we at Everano Flower Power will put all our effort to maintain this!

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