Flower Power Fertilizers Biological Line

Clay Minerals Biological Line

CLAY MINERALS Everano flower power fertilizers are clay granules, 0.5 to 2 mm in size and are mined in southern Germany. These clay granules play an important role in soil fertility . They can efficiently regulate the moisture in the soil, contain essential trace elements and form an important part of the HKC clay humus complex. They enable good root development and uniform plant growth. Available in 100 and 500 gram bags
9.50 € incl tax 6.95 € incl tax

Endo Mycorrhiza Root Stimulator Biological Line 100 gr

The word mycorrhiza, of Greek origin, defines the symbiosis between a fungus and the roots of a plant. As in many symbiotic relationships, both participants gain benefits. In this relationship, the fungus feeds on sugars (such as carbohydrates) produced by the plants through photosynthesis and, in return, the fungus makes water and nutrients more available in the soil for them. There are two types, each of which works somewhat differently but results in the same benefits which are, improved nutrient uptake, improved drought resistance, protecting plants from harmful pathogens and improving soil structure and retaining carbon. Ecto mycorrhiza: Ecto mycorrhizal fungi are those fungi that form a beneficial relationship but live in the rhizosphere, these organisms live just outside the root system protecting plants from disease. Endo mycorrhiza live inside the roots, they help in the absorption of nutrients and water in exchange for sugars which brings many benefits to all plants, including cannabis. It uses beneficial fungi to help roots develop and improve plant growth.
27.50 € incl tax 14.95 € incl tax

Bio Blood Meal Biological Line

Blood Meal everano flower power fertilizers is an organic fertilizer containing at least 13% nitrogen, which works very quickly as it is easily absorbed .It is a natural nitrogen source that is perfect to use throughout the growth phase of marijuana. In the absence of nitrogen, the leaves change to a yellowish tone. If you see the leaves start to change color, apply Blood Meal and they will get the desired green tone again. Bloodmeal is good if you want to lower the ph of the soil as it is a good regulating remedy.
9.50 € incl tax 6.95 € incl tax

Bio Bone Meal Biological Line

9.50 € incl tax 6.95 € incl tax

Organic Rose Fertilizer Biological Line

Our Organic Fertilizer for Roses FlowerPowerFertilizer is a fertilizer adapted to the specific needs of roses. It is important to get strong and resistant plants, because they are very sensitive to diseases and pests. Organic Fertilizer For Roses FlowerPowerFertilizer has a long and gradual effect. For long-lasting, amazing blooming and intense colors. A fertilizer that works quickly and keeps on working. Ideal for flowering plants as cannabis and roses. Contains extra magnesium for a fresh green color, natural fertilizer enriched with dried organic algae, abundant flowering thanks to high amounts of potassium. With the addition of, among other things, root stimulators, a good nutrient medium for strong and healthy plants is established. Available in 500 grams and 1000 grams bags
10.00 € incl tax 7.50 € incl tax

Kieserite Magnesium Biological Line

uso 20 gramos para a 1m2
9.50 € incl tax 6.95 € incl tax

Organic Grape Fertilizer Biological Line

The Organic Grape Flower Power Fertilizer is a 100% natural product for the fertilization of grapes and berries. For the formation of many juicy fruits. Our Organic Grape Fertilizer contains a large amount of potassium, which ensures that grapes and berries can be stored for longer periods after harvest. The organic grape fertilizer is also enriched with magnesium and marine algae. Usage 100 gram per 1-2 square meter depending the need NPK 5-3-9
9.50 € incl tax 6.95 € incl tax

Seaweed Calcium Biological Line

Don't worry if you're not lucky enough to live by the sea, you can get all the benefits of calcium from seaweed with SEAWEED CALCIUM Everano flower power fertilizers. Plants treated with SEAWEED CALCIUM from Everano flower power fertilizers develop more balanced, with good root formation, helping to take advantage of available nutrients. Our Seaweed Calcium in granular form originates from primitive organisms and therefore has a fossil origin. These organisms evolved millions of years ago in the oceans and have a skeleton consisting of calcium-rich material. This calcium has a mild effect and works de-acidifying . Available in 500 grams and 1000 grams bags
11.00 € incl tax 7.95 € incl tax

Allmix Flowering Period Biological Line

This flowering mix especially designed for the flowering period of cannabis tub/potted plants.
11.00 € incl tax 7.95 € incl tax

Bio PK Booster Biological Line

Bio PK Booster by Everano flower power fertilizers regulates the absorption and transport of nutrients and plays an important role in flowering . Due to the high amounts of potassium and bone meal, your plants will have a higher yield, both in taste and smell. In short, the plants will be of better quality in general and providing more yield . Bio PK Booster organic fertilizer is completely free of chemicals and heavy metals. Available in 500 and 1000 gram bags This Bio-PK Booster regulates the absorption and transport of nutrients and plays an important role in the flowering of marihiana in pot, tub and gardens.
17.50 € incl tax 12.50 € incl tax

Bio Garden Fertlizer Biological Line

Our biological fertilizer Bio Garden Fertilizer Flower Power Fertilizer has a universal application in the fertilization of your balcony plants and greenhouses. Contains dried organic seaweed. Bio-garden fertilizer is the number one boost for every plant in your garden. Bio-garden activates soil life, improving soil structure and nutritional status. Available in 100 gram and 500 gram bags
11.00 € incl tax 7.95 € incl tax

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Allmix Organic Upgrade Biological Line

Allmix Flowering Period by everano flower power fertilizers is specially designed for the flowering period. Potassium, magnesium and various seaweeds ensure a nice dark color of the leaves. The added calcium from seaweed has a mild antacid effect to keep the pH value in balance. In addition, Allmix Bloom contains iron, manganese, phosphorus, sulfur compounds and trace elements. Allmix Bloom organic fertilizer is completely free of chemicals and heavy metals. Available in 500 and 1000 gram bags
25.00 € incl tax 18.75 € incl tax

Organic Guano Bat Biological Line

Flower Power Fertilizer Bat Guano (manure) is an organic fertilizer being a source of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. Guano also contains large amounts of magnesium, calcium and enzymes. This makes it an important source for young plants. Our organic guano gradually provides nutrients for plants over a four-month period. Bat Guano Flower Power Fertilizer optimizes the taste and quality of the crop. Contains 11% phosphorus, which is very important for the new roots of young plants . It also increases plant resistance against microbial attacks . So don't forget to pamper your plants with our guano ! Bags of 500gr and 1 kg
9.95 € incl tax 3.50 € incl tax

Basalt Meal Biological Line

NPK 5-15-6 10 gr. per m2
9.50 € incl tax 6.95 € incl tax

Bio Grow Tabs Biological Line

Bio Grow Tabs Everano flower power fertilizers is a slow release 12-8-8 organic fertilizer for plants in tablet format, very easy to use and covers all the nutritional needs of marijuana plants during the growth and flowering phases. Bio Grow Tabs contain the main nutrients in combination with nitrogen-fixing bacteria and natural phosphate-solvent bacteria and acid humus to fertilize new and existing plants . Favorable soil bacteria improve soil and provide fertilizer uptake, resulting in healthy growth and no need for fertilizer flushing. The unique combination of nutrients and soil bacteria provide healthy growth and healthy soil . Bio Grow Tabs are 100% organic and contain no heavy metals or pathogenic microorganisms, are stool free, odorless, and easy to use. Example mode: put the tablets a few centimeters deep in the soil near the roots . Then just give water. The irrigations will be in charge of diluting them slowly during the whole culture. Easier Impossible!!! Available in box of 9, 18 or 36 Bio-tablets
10.00 € incl tax 7.50 € incl tax

Organic climbing plant fertilizer Biological Line

NPK 7-4-5 Usage: 150 gram m2
9.00 € incl tax 5.95 € incl tax

Lava Gold Biological Line

The main component of LAVA GOLD flower power fertilizers is silica, the next mineral present is alumina and is followed by calcium, iron and magnesium oxide. Lava Gold also contains manganese phosphorus and sulfur compounds. Does your soil have a shortage of minerals and trace elements? Then Lava Gold is irreplaceable as a mineral treatment . The next important factor is the amount of trace elements. These are the central atoms from which cell formation and amino acid formation are regulated Lava Gold serves as a nutrient binder and acts as an ion exchanger in the complex nutrient exchange system between the soil and the roots of marijuana plants . Available in bags of 100 grams and 500 grams Usage:100 grams m2
19.95 € incl tax 12.95 € incl tax

Boxwood (buxus) fertilizer Biological Line

Organic, crumb-like fertilizer for the fertilization of boxwood in full soil or in pots.
10.00 € incl tax 7.50 € incl tax

Ascophyllum Seaweed Biological Line 500 gr

Seaweed for Cannabis plants
19.95 € incl tax 12.95 € incl tax

Bio Lawn Biological Line

Usage 100 gr per 1-2 m2
11.00 € incl tax 7.95 € incl tax

Bio Kali Biological Line

An organic fertilizer rich in potasium (k)
9.50 € incl tax 6.95 € incl tax

Vinasse Biological Line

Usage: 50 grams a square meter
11.00 € incl tax 7.95 € incl tax

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Biological Line of Flower Power Fertilizers
Organic Fertilizer: for people who like to grow their plants on a natural basis. The organic fertilizer and other products of the Flower Power Fertilizers Biological Line are developed with natural nutrients. The organic fertilizer is completely free of chemicals. Another big difference with our Basic Line is that these nutrients do not have to be mixed with water, but evenly distributed in the soil of your plants. so easy and natural! 

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