Clean indoor gardens give better Crops

Clean indoor gardens give better Crops

Even though cannabis plants in nature grow among bugs, bacteria and in mud, an indoor garden needs to be kept clean. In an indoor grow space, for example, insects have no natural enemies, and a few critters quickly become a pest. Easily keep your grow room as clean as possible by considering the following points:

Yourself. As an indoor grower, one of the big risks in terms of pests and fungi is yourself. Especially if you also frequent other people's grow rooms or are regularly out in nature. Insects, or their eggs, can get into your clothes, under your shoes, in your hair, or through your hands, from outside to inside. Don't go directly from nature or someone else's indoor garden to your cannabis plants, but change your clothes or work overalls for a while. Also pay attention if you have multiple grow rooms!

Air. Insects or fungi also spread through your grow space via the air. Therefore place an air filter on the inlet of your grow room or if you don't have one put a pair of ladies tights over your air inlet. This will also prevent dust from getting on your cannabis buds.

Cuttings. Cuttings can have all the pests that roam the grow room of the cuttings grower. If you buy cuttings from someone else, leave them in a temporary (up) growing room first, or treat them preventively with a biological agent such as extract Equisetum arvense (field horsetail) against pests and fungi.
The cannabis plants. Keep your plants tidy, without dead leaves, for example, or by overgrowing the space with plants that are too large. Therefore, remove dead plant material, and prune preventively when necessary. For example if too many leaves are growing, or by preventive thinning.

The growing space . Dead leaves, dust or organic material attract critters. Insects are often the cleaners in nature. Therefore, keep your grow room free of all this, and clean up fallen leaves, or spilled soil immediately. Clean the entire grow room after each cycle, especially if you have been bothered by pests, so you can start again nice and clean. Never leave plant waste in your grow room, not even in bags or boxes, they become breeding grounds for all sorts of things you don't want. It is also better to clean up the packaging of any products you have used when you leave your grow room.

Barrels, buckets, hoses and water systems. Anything that may contain water or nutrient residues should be kept nice and clean. Never use chlorine, bleach or other aggressive cleaning agents.

Tools. Always clean your cutting blades and other tools such as scissors. Especially if you use them for other things as well. Mold such as bud rot can enter through your scissors.

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