How to grow the Biggest Crop of Cannabis in shortest time in interior gardens

How to grow the Biggest Crop of Cannabis in shortest time in interior gardens

How to grow the biggest crop in shortest time in interior gardens


There are many ways to cultivate your cannabis plant in interior gardens, big and small.

First question for the grower will be what you want to get out of your interior garden. You want to grow because of the beauty of the plant, the flowers it is giving, or the money you can make with it. Or maybe a combination of these.

Because this article is about getting the biggest crops in the shortest time, i will describe a way to do it in a very efficient in use of time and very efficient in use of space as well as in energy way of cultivating.

Most growers think big is best but that is not always true. If you have a room or place to grow, first make 2 rooms in one. If you put lights on in one room and off in the other, you create only half the warmth, use half of the electricity at the same time, and your climate control will be super-easy.  It will also make you harvest in 2 times wich is much more easy to handle with work and drying as well.

Use cuttlings (clones) instead of semillas, it will save u mountains of time and differinces in plants (and buds) afterwards

To make sure you will use all your space available i would put many cuttlings a square meter. For example 12 or 16 plants a square meter. No matter if it is on hydro, soil, or a combi of these. Pots or plugs, or big sufaces,  it does not matter,  you can put as many.  Lets take 16 plants a square meter put in pots of 15 liters of soil.

Water the substrate before use with ‘Start fertilizer” of Everano Flower Power. Put the clones in the substrate and put your lights as high as possible, to the ceiling preferable. Only use the half of you lights or even less, or use a dimmer if you have LED lights. The baby girls are fragile! The coming 5 days you keep your lights 24 hours a day on. Do not switch them of, only rotate the lights that are in funtion. This way the little ones will make only roots and hardly grow. During this Rooting period use Start Fertlizer of the Basic Line.

After this period of rooting the clones will give 5 fingers on each new grown leaf. Now you know for sure you have enough and good and healty roots, which is essecial. Now you can change you clock to exactly 18 hours a day ,light on. Lower your lights to the half of the distance between ceiling and plants and switch all lights into use.The plants will start growing faster. Use Everano Flower Power Grow fertilizer in this period of growth. Water your plants every second day (keep the same pace, the plants like it !) , this means there is always a break of one day in giving water, your substrate (soil), using the Grow fertilizer of Basic Line. After around 7 days in 18 hours of light the clones developed into plants. All new leaves have at least 5 fingers, there are more internodes (sidearms, new starts of branches) to give the plant a good start into flowering. Remember, the plants will continue to grow the first weeks in flowering time (12 hours on clock) and will become between 3 - 5 times as big as they are the moment you switch the clock. Give the nutrients with every waterturn. Continue giving Flower Power Grow fertilizer the first few days of the flowering period.

The flowering period. Change the clock to exactly 12 hours of light a day. Plants have a better clock as many could imagine, they are extremely accurate in sensing light and the durance of it, registering every minute! Keep the pace you had by watering the plants (every 2nd day) and only add every 2nd watergift Bloom Fertilizer. This is enough and will keep your plants eager and your substrate always clean. This means if you give every 2nd day water you only give once a 4 days Bloom fertilizer of the Basic Line. Example:

Day1.give water only

Day2.give nothing,

Day3 give water with fertilizer added,

Day4.give nothing,

Day5. give water only,

Day6.give nothing,

Day7 give water with fertilizer added,

Day8.give nothing

Day9.give water only

Day10.give nothing

Day11.give water with fertilizer added

Day12.give nothing

Day13.give water only

Day14.give nothing

Day15.give water with fertilizer added

And continue this pace

 Lower your lights to 55 cm above plants with 600w HPS, 95 cm above plants with a 1000w HPS, for LED and LEC look at instruciones with product.

Most Cannabis plants are ready for harvest after 9 or 10 weeks of flowering.  What is the best exact moment will be explaines in a following blog here.

The use of Everano Flower Power Boost  is only used as shown in feeding schedule, never use more, it is very concentrated and will give your Buds more hardness and increases the production of terpenes and resin.

WIth this method you are assured you used as less time possible and obtain Maximum Crops, Every time again !

Enjoy your Crop!




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