Marihuana leafs tell you exactly how she feels Part 2

Marihuana leafs tell you exactly how she feels Part 2

Growing cannabis is not difficult but it can go wrong when you give your plant too much or too little water or nutrition, or make some other common growing mistake. Fortunately, your cannabis plant does know exactly what it needs, and won't hesitate to tell you. You just need to learn to listen....

Weed plants themselves may know best what is good for them. Unfortunately, they just don't have the mouth to tell you, and so they make their wishes known in other ways. In this article we decipher the language of plants, so that from now on you only need to look at your cannabis plant for tailor-made growing advice.

"I get too much water" (soil too wet)

Too much water leads to weed plants with firm downward curling leaves.

Over-watering is extremely common but fortunately a cannabis plant responds incredibly quickly with her leaves. When a cannabis plant is too wet the whole leaf (not just the tips) will curl down like a claw. You know it's due to an excess of water when the leaves still feel firm.

too little water

Unlike with too much water, a plant suffering from drought will let its leaves hang down limply. In fact, she is crying out for help by drooping her leaves so give her a drink quickly!

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