Marihuana leafs tell you exactly how she feels Part 6

Marihuana leafs tell you exactly how she feels Part 6

As we all know the basic of a marihuana leaf shows 5 fingers on allmost all images you see. This is the basic of how it at least should be.
But there are many other varieties possible. Key rule is more as 5 fingers is better, less as 5 fingers on a marihuana leaf is a problem. This differences all find their origin by the start of their lives. When a baby plant (seedling or clone) develops into an adult cannabis plant she will show when she has decent roots growing by giving 5 fingers to her new leafs. In other words, when your cannabis plant is giving 5 fingers on her new leafs you are sure she has roots. This is easy. When the small baby ones dont have 5 fingers yet you are sure they dont have roots ! But sometimes with clones the producer went too far in generations. This means that every time a clone is made from a motherplant is 1 generation. If you make a mother of that clone and take an other one from that, the 2nd generation has started. Every generation the plant will still be an exact copy, but loses some little details in their dna. After 7 generations the clones will produce plants with less fingers on her leaves, all her life, for example 3 fingers on all leaves, old and new. Its impossible to have a good harvest on 3 fingered marihuana leafs plants.
This strength of dna inside the plant determines the number of fingers on the leaf in first place. It depends on how she feels and is taking care of to show it to you as well. And this causes its possible to see how far or close your plant is with origin of the genetics. When you plant a seedling and she gives you 9, 11 or even 13 fingers on her leaves, you know she loves the nutrients you give her, your seedbank did a good job by selecting premium plants and seeds, and your plant has excellent roots and is superhappy with the circumstances and care. For this she will give you all she can at the end in flowers, to achieve a maximum crop. Cannabisplants with many fingers on the leafs are also much more resistant to pests and illnesses, what makes them much easier to cultivate.


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