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1 x Spliff Deposit Gratis

Gift of one Spliff Deposit on Every order
0.00 € incl tax

CBD & THC % All in One Test Kit

Kit to measure thc & cbd percentages on buds, plants, extractions or produkts with cannabinoids.
412.00 € incl tax

Grow Tent Cultibox OPEN XL 240 x 240 x 200 cm

The Open cultibox growing cabinet is a great option for growers who cannot use an entire room or who cannot risk damage to the space due to the heat and humidity caused by indoor growing.
450.00 € incl tax 389.00 € incl tax

Cultivating Tent Cultibox Light 120x120x200 cm

armario para cultivar
121.50 € incl tax 109.00 € incl tax

Cultivating tent Cultibox Light Plus 2,40 x 1,20 x 2m

Armario de Cultivo para marihuana
244.00 € incl tax

Biggest Cultivating Tent in the World 15x7,5x2,4 mtr total 112 square meters

Cultivating Tent 1500 x 750 x 240 cm
14995.00 € incl tax

Clone Tray

Dimensions of tray: 52x31 cm
5.00 € incl tax 3.95 € incl tax

Clonex 50 ML box 12 Units

gel to produce clones fast and in good Health
144.00 € incl tax 119.00 € incl tax

Jiffy 35 mm coco peat plugs

Coco peat Plugs for clones and seedlings
107.00 € incl tax 99.00 € incl tax

Fabric Pot 15 Liter

Breathing and foldable pot
2.20 € incl tax 1.95 € incl tax

Fabric Pot 25 Liter

We present Texpot Agro textile pots, with great advantages for the cultivation of your plants. Made with geotextile material, these pots favor root development, with better root transpiration and branching. But the advantages of Texpot Agro do not end here. We give you other reasons that will make you fall in love with these pots. - Excessive watering is avoided, preventing the proliferation of diseases. - They are reusable and easy to store, since they are foldable. - Greater aeration of the roots than in a traditional container. - Natural pruning, branching of the root ball. - The growth of the aerial part is favored by these conditions, greater vigor and production. - They are indicated for cultivation with LEDs, where the substrate tends to remain humid for a long time.
2.99 € incl tax 2.49 € incl tax

Texpot agro Urban 25 ltr color sand

5.00 € incl tax 4.50 € incl tax

Protecion and detecion glasses for indoor cultivating and glasshouses

Gafas de deteción y proteción en ivernaderos
14.95 € incl tax

Sustrato Black Label 50 Ltr

Sustrato de alta calidad con aproximadamente un 70 % de coco, turba rubia, perlita y suave de fertilizante. Recomendamos !
9.50 € incl tax 6.95 € incl tax

Malla scrog verde 20x20cm 2x25mtr

Malla scrog verde 20x20cm 2x25mtr
35.00 € incl tax

Timeclock analoge

9.95 € incl tax

Platform Scale 30 Kgs / 1 gr Pro

Larger LCD/LED two type display All stainless steel waterproof indicator Super wear-resistant stainless steel keys The whole scale made of stainless steel Simple counting function Animal husbandry seismic function Main board sealed waterproof, moisture-proof, uses double layer epoxy board and adopts patch technology Load cell waterproof cover protection
225.00 € incl tax

Extracor Silent 150mm 410/530m3 20 Db

Max 20 Db !!!
240.00 € incl tax 229.00 € incl tax

Extractor SILENT 200 2 vel840/690m3 21db

○ 200 mm
269.00 € incl tax

Extractor Katrina Caja 730m3 Silencio

○ 150 mm 39,6 db Opera en un rango de temperaturas de -15º C a 50º C Ideales para grandes estancias
244.50 € incl tax 219.95 € incl tax

Mini glass house

to make clones of your favourite plants
9.00 € incl tax 6.95 € incl tax

Trampas adhesivas amarillas

Especial para a mosca blanca, el pulgón, el minador y otros insectos en general para el control de plagas. 10 unidades en una paquete
5.95 € incl tax

Worldwide Shipping see rates & Info here

All destinations worldwide delivery time between 3-5 working days by courrier service.
5.00 € incl tax

Scalp knife Set to do clones

set 10 pieces
6.00 € incl tax

Pollinating machine to seperate and extract pollen

Pollinating machine to seperate and extract pollen
195.00 € incl tax 178.50 € incl tax

Replacement ziff 100 Micron for Secret Box

19.00 € incl tax

Filtro del Aire Can-Lite 425

Filtro del Aire Can-Lite 425
68.25 € incl tax 62.00 € incl tax

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0.00 € incl tax

Can Lite Filtro del aire para olor 3500m3/ boca 315

298.00 € incl tax

Spliff deposits 3 x

Deposit to guard your prepared sigarette before & after smoking. 3 Pieces
3.50 € incl tax 2.50 € incl tax

Filtro EcoLine Boca 200(780/1000m3/h) PK

○ 200 mm
159.00 € incl tax

Air Filter EcoLine 150(450/620m3/h) PK

○ 150 mm
95.00 € incl tax

Tubo de Aire Aluminio Insonorizado 152mm - 10 mtr

49.00 € incl tax 39.95 € incl tax

Field Horsetail natural pesticide 1 Liter

Horsetail ECO is a product extracted from Equisentum Arvense L, which contains a Saponia toxic to fungi called Equisetonine and contains in its formulation silicic acid, which favors the internal structure of plants. It also contains other types of Flavonoids that are the basis of its fungal activity. Use to combat and prevent red spider mite, caterpillars and fungi such as Botrytis, powdery mildew, downy mildew or rust among many others.
8.40 € incl tax