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Biggest Grow Tent 15x7,5x2,4 mtr

Cultivating Tent 1500 x 750 x 240 cm
14995.00 € incl tax

Armario Cultibox OPEN XL 240 x 240 x 200 cm

The Open cultibox growing cabinet is a great option for growers who cannot use an entire room or who cannot risk damage to the space due to the heat and humidity caused by indoor growing.
450.00 € incl tax 389.00 € incl tax

Clone Tray

Dimensions of tray: 52x31 cm
5.00 € incl tax 3.95 € incl tax

Armario Cultibox Light 120x120x200 cm

armario de cultivar
109.00 € incl tax

Armario de Cultivo 600 x 300 x 230 cm

Armario de Cultivo Grande con Altura Extra
2995.00 € incl tax 1995.00 € incl tax

Jiffy 35 mm coco peat plugs

Coco peat Plugs for clones and seedlings
107.00 € incl tax 99.00 € incl tax

Clonex 50 ML box 12 Units

gel to produce clones fast and in good Health
144.00 € incl tax 119.00 € incl tax

Maceta Texpot Agro Negra 15 Ltr

Breathing and foldable pot
1.70 € incl tax 1.49 € incl tax

Sustrato Black Label 50 Ltr

Sustrato de alta calidad con aproximadamente un 70 % de coco, turba rubia, perlita y suave de fertilizante. Recomendamos !
9.50 € incl tax 6.95 € incl tax

Protecion and detecion glasses for indoor cultivating and glasshouses

Gafas de deteción y proteción en ivernaderos
14.95 € incl tax

Can Lite air Filter against smells 150m3/h opening 145 mm

Can Lite air Filter against smells 150m3/h opening 145 mm
37.50 € incl tax

Extractor TT 150 Smart Dual (405-520m3/h)

Extractor aire con 2 velocidades, boca 150 mm, capacidad 405m3/h y 520m3/h, ideal para armarios de cultivo
79.00 € incl tax

Tubo de Aire Aluminio Insonorizado 152mm - 10 mtr

49.00 € incl tax 39.95 € incl tax

C3 folio antidetección superreflectiva

100 mtrs x 1,20 mtrs
325.00 € incl tax

Malla scrog verde 20x20cm 2x25mtr

Malla scrog verde 20x20cm 2x25mtr
35.00 € incl tax

Timeclock analoge

9.95 € incl tax

Platform Scale 30 Kgs / 1 gr Pro

Larger LCD/LED two type display All stainless steel waterproof indicator Super wear-resistant stainless steel keys The whole scale made of stainless steel Simple counting function Animal husbandry seismic function Main board sealed waterproof, moisture-proof, uses double layer epoxy board and adopts patch technology Load cell waterproof cover protection
225.00 € incl tax

Can Lite Filtro del aire para olor 3500m3/ boca 315

298.00 € incl tax

Mini glass house

to make clones of your favourite plants
9.00 € incl tax 6.95 € incl tax

Trampas adhesivas amarillas

Especial para a mosca blanca, el pulgón, el minador y otros insectos en general para el control de plagas. 10 unidades en una paquete
5.95 € incl tax

Scalp knife Set to do clones

set 10 pieces
6.00 € incl tax

Pollinating machine to seperate and extract pollen

Pollinating machine to seperate and extract pollen
195.00 € incl tax 178.50 € incl tax