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Flower Power Grow Fertilizer Basic Line

If you are growing cannabis, for sure you want to produce the best. Growing healthy, high-yielding cannabis plants requires making sure they have the nutrients they need at all times. The roots begin to develop and more leaves grow. Time to start feeding with "GROW" by everano Flower Power. With its ideal mix and ratio of high nitrogen, medium phosphorous and high potassium NPK 19-5-20 "GROW" is among the best marijuana nutrients designed for the vegetative stage. This results in larger, healthier plants by supporting root development, reducing internodal spacing, and stronger, more resistant branches. Professional cannabis fertilizer is essential All in one Grow fertilizer 100 % solulable in water ! Looking for a growth fertilizer that makes a difference? Look no further. GROW by Everano Flower Power fertilizers contains everything you need. GROW is a fertilizer that contains all the nutrients needed for optimal and healthy growth in the early stages of development of your marijuana plants. These fertilizers have a high concentration of nitrogen and potassium, two of the most important macronutrients in plant growth. Nitrogen is necessary for maximum production of high quality and ensure rapid growth, while potassium enhances the creation of proteins, which helps the plant to create molecular chains that promote the creation of new buds, being a perfect combination for growth. GROW is a safe and easy to use fertilizer, its unique formula is unrepeatable. Its dosage is 0.5 to 0.75 grams per liter of water. It is recommended that the pH be adjusted between 5.8 and 6.2. Equal amounts of nitrogen (N) and potassium (K) NPK 19 - 5 - 20. Suitable for any growing medium, soil, coco or hydroponics. Free of chlorines, carbonates or excess soluble salts as is often the case with other manufacturers. Available in bags of 100 grams 500 grams and 1000 grams.
10.00 € incl tax 7.50 € incl tax

Organic climbing plant fertilizer Biological Line

NPK 7-4-5 Usage: 150 gram m2
9.00 € incl tax 5.95 € incl tax

Flower Power Fertilizer Kit Mini Basic Line for Indoor and outdoor Gardens 50 gr / 1.76 oz Start, 100 gr / 3.53 oz Grow, 100 gr / 3.53 oz Bloom, 10 gr / 0.35 oz Boost

Our Mini Kit 'all in one' brings together all the nutrients that cannabis plants require, covering all the needs of a complete culture in a grow tent of a bulb or on a balcony. All the fertilizers in our 'Mini Fertilizer Kit for indoor / outdoor growing' are composed of ingredients that dissolve completely in water, so no matter what method you use to water, you won't have any problems with clogged pipes or sprayers. They are complete and balanced fertilizers for the different stages of growth, flowering and fattening of marijuana plants, and can be used in any growing medium: soil, perlite, coco, rockwool, water, etc. A good harvest begins with Everano Flower Power Fertilizers! This Flower Power Fertilizer Kit Mini contains: 1 bag of Start - 50gr / 1.76 oz 1 bag Increase - 100gr / 3.52 oz 1 bag Flowering - 100gr / 3.52 oz 1 bag Boost - 10gr / 0.35 oz
35.00 € incl tax 24.95 € incl tax

Flower Power Fertilizer Kit for Hemp XL Basic Line 500gr / 17.6oz Start, 1000gr / 35.3oz Grow, 100gr / 3.53oz Bloom

contains 1000 gr Grow 500 gr Start and 100 gr Bloom
99.00 € incl tax 79.95 € incl tax

Flower Power Fertilizer Kit for Clones and Seedlings Pro XL Basic Line 500grStart/2×50grFoliar

Our Fertilizer Kit for Clones and Seedlings contains all the nutrients your seedlings need at this stage. Accelerates the growth of cuttings by keeping all their needs covered. Improves the root system in seedlings for healthy and strong cuttings! Suitable for all types of crops and comes in 2 sizes.
88.00 € incl tax 65.00 € incl tax

Flower Power Fertilizer Kit for Mother Plants Pro Basic Line 100gr / 3.53oz Grow, 50gr / 1.76oz Foliar

Kit de Fertilizantes para Plantas Madres : Las plantas madre, por estar siempre en fase de crecimiento, deben ser abonadas con CRECIMIENTO que es un fertilizante rico en nitrógeno al que añadiremos otro rico en microelementos FOLIAR, para evitar la aparición de carencias y ayudar a la planta madre. Con este combinación estas seguro que tu plantas madres tienen una vida en buena salud y larga en edad.
39.00 € incl tax 29.00 € incl tax