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Profesional Harvest machines for rent

Rent Industrial harvest machine, 5 machines of different brands available! We deliver throughout Spain within 48 hours
$610.00 incl tax

Grow Tent Cultibox OPEN XL 240 x 240 x 200 cm

The Open cultibox growing cabinet is a great option for growers who cannot use an entire room or who cannot risk damage to the space due to the heat and humidity caused by indoor growing.
$549.00 incl tax $474.58 incl tax

Big Cultivating tent with extra Height 600 x 300 x 230 cm

Armario de Cultivo Grande con Altura Extra
$3,653.90 incl tax $2,433.90 incl tax

Biggest Cultivating Tent in the World 15x7,5x2,4 mtr = 112 square meters

Cultivating Tent 1500 x 750 x 240 cm
$18,293.90 incl tax

Personalized Growing Advices !

Contact Us for Better Cannabis Crops !
$0.00 incl tax

Aspersor de arco marrón 1,75mm 3,8"WW 360° VDL

aspersor de arco para cultivar angulo 360° Diámetro de pulverización 1,5 metro 100 litros a la hora
$2.14 incl tax