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Soil Bacteria 50 gr / 1.764 oz Biological Line

Soil Bacteria Everano Flower Power fertilizers to improve and protect your soil and plants. When starting our crop the soil bacteria will provide you with the best conditions. Rhizobacteria are used to protect the roots of marijuana plants. Bacteria in the soil colonize the area around the roots of the bushes. The pathogens will quickly be displaced and the beneficial soil bacteria will take their place. This way the roots become strong, they will grow and the soil becomes more fertile . When using Fower Power Fertilizer Soil Bacteria the plants will have more nitrogen and phosphorus available. Our soil bacteria feed on harmful bacteria, fungi, and nematodes. In this way, these types of harmful elements have no power in your garden. Help your plants form strong roots and fight disease. So easy and natural with Everano Flower Power!
17.00 € incl tax 12.75 € incl tax

Flower Power Fertilizer Kit for Clones and Seedlings Pro XL Basic Line 500grStart/2×50grFoliar

Our Fertilizer Kit for Clones and Seedlings contains all the nutrients your seedlings need at this stage. Accelerates the growth of cuttings by keeping all their needs covered. Improves the root system in seedlings for healthy and strong cuttings! Suitable for all types of crops and comes in 2 sizes.
88.00 € incl tax 65.00 € incl tax