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Allmix Flowering Period Biological Line

This flowering mix especially designed for the flowering period of tub/potted plants.
$11.88 incl tax

Armario Cultibox Light 120x120x200 cm

armario de cultivar
$117.72 incl tax

Soil Bacteria Biological Line

Bacterias to enrich and protect your soil and plants.
$18.36 incl tax

Bio Kali Biological Line

An organic fertilizer rich in potasium (k)
$10.26 incl tax

Bio PK Booster Biological Line

This Bio-PK Booster regulates the absorption and transport of nutrients and plays an important role in the flowering and fruiting in pot, tub and garden plants
$18.90 incl tax

Seaweed Calcium Biological Line

USO 50 gram per m2
$11.88 incl tax