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Flower Power Fertilizer Kit for Growing Outdoor XL Pro de Luxe Basic Line 500 gr Start / 1000 gr Creciemento / 1000 gr Bloom / 100 gr Boost / 50 gr Foliar

Cultivating fertilizer Kit Xl 1 Fertilizer Kit for Outdoor Gardens XL Pro de Luxe is for 4000/6000 liters of water. The best results have been achieved by giving basic line fertilizer every 2nd waterturn
239.00 € incl tax 179.00 € incl tax

Flower Power Fertilizer Kit for Growing Outdoor XL Pro Basic Line 500grStart/1000grGrow/1000grBloom/100grBoost

Growing cannabis outdoors is the most natural and least expensive way to grow cannabis. All you need is a plot of land, sunlight, some good soil and everano Flower Power Fertilizers! Plants grown outdoors with natural sunlight and our fertilizers will grow to their full genetic potential and will have a full and natural terpene profile. Take a look at our Fertilizer Kits for outdoor growing, it covers all the needs of our marijuana outdoors. Effective, practical, economical and discreet, available in 4 sizes.
229.00 € incl tax 169.95 € incl tax