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Flower Power Fertilizer Kit Mini Basic Line for Indoor and outdoor Gardens 50 gr / 1.76 oz Start, 100 gr / 3.53 oz Grow, 100 gr / 3.53 oz Bloom, 10 gr / 0.35 oz Boost

Our Mini Kit 'all in one' brings together all the nutrients that cannabis plants require, covering all the needs of a complete culture in a grow tent of a bulb or on a balcony. All the fertilizers in our 'Mini Fertilizer Kit for indoor / outdoor growing' are composed of ingredients that dissolve completely in water, so no matter what method you use to water, you won't have any problems with clogged pipes or sprayers. They are complete and balanced fertilizers for the different stages of growth, flowering and fattening of marijuana plants, and can be used in any growing medium: soil, perlite, coco, rockwool, water, etc. A good harvest begins with Everano Flower Power Fertilizers! This Flower Power Fertilizer Kit Mini contains: 1 bag of Start - 50gr / 1.76 oz 1 bag Increase - 100gr / 3.52 oz 1 bag Flowering - 100gr / 3.52 oz 1 bag Boost - 10gr / 0.35 oz
35.00 € incl tax 24.95 € incl tax

Flower Power Fertilizer Kit for Growing Outdoor XL Pro de Luxe Basic Line 500 gr Start / 1000 gr Creciemento / 1000 gr Bloom / 100 gr Boost / 50 gr Foliar

Cultivating fertilizer Kit Xl 1 Fertilizer Kit for Outdoor Gardens XL Pro de Luxe is for 4000/6000 liters of water. The best results have been achieved by giving basic line fertilizer every 2nd waterturn
239.00 € incl tax 179.00 € incl tax

Flower Power Fertilizer Kit for Interior Gardens XL Pro de Luxe Basic Line 50gr/1.764oz Start,100gr/3.53oz Grow,1000gr/35.27oz Bloom,100gr/3.53oz Boost,50gr/1.764oz Foliar

Cannabis plants change their nutritional preferences throughout their lives, requiring more than one type of food or others depending on the phase in which the plant is. Our Indoor Growing Fertilizer Kit brings together all the nutrients your marijuana plants need at every stage. The compositions based on 100% water-soluble products allow us to use them in any medium, including those with drip irrigation. Ideal for hydroponics. Available in 4 sizes, bet on efficient fertilization and improve the quality and quantity of your harvest!
179.00 € incl tax 129.95 € incl tax