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Fertilizer Kit for clones and Seedlings Pro Basic Line 50gr / 1.76oz Start , 50gr / 1.76oz Foliar

Our Fertilizer Kit for Clones and Seedlings contains all the nutrients your seedlings need at this stage. Accelerates the growth of cuttings by keeping all their needs covered. Improves the root system in seedlings for healthy and strong cuttings! Suitable for all types of crops and comes in 2 sizes.
39.00 € incl tax 29.00 € incl tax

Flower Power Fertilizer Kit for Mother Plants Pro XL Basic Line 1000gr / 35.27oz Grow, 2×50gr / 1.76oz Foliar

Kit de Fertilizantes para Plantas Madres : Las plantas madre, por estar siempre en fase de crecimiento, deben ser abonadas con CRECIMIENTO que es un fertilizante rico en nitrógeno al que añadiremos otro rico en microelementos FOLIAR, para evitar la aparición de carencias y ayudar a la planta madre. Con este combinación estas seguro que tu plantas madres tienen una vida en buena salud y larga en edad.
119.00 € incl tax 89.00 € incl tax

Bio Blood Meal Biological Line

Blood Meal everano flower power fertilizers is an organic fertilizer containing at least 13% nitrogen, which works very quickly as it is easily absorbed .It is a natural nitrogen source that is perfect to use throughout the growth phase of marijuana. In the absence of nitrogen, the leaves change to a yellowish tone. If you see the leaves start to change color, apply Blood Meal and they will get the desired green tone again. Bloodmeal is good if you want to lower the ph of the soil as it is a good regulating remedy.
16.95 € incl tax

Bio Grow Tabs Biological Line

Bio Grow Tabs Everano flower power fertilizers is a slow release 12-8-8 organic fertilizer for plants in tablet format, very easy to use and covers all the nutritional needs of marijuana plants during the growth and flowering phases. Bio Grow Tabs contain the main nutrients in combination with nitrogen-fixing bacteria and natural phosphate-solvent bacteria and acid humus to fertilize new and existing plants . Favorable soil bacteria improve soil and provide fertilizer uptake, resulting in healthy growth and no need for fertilizer flushing. The unique combination of nutrients and soil bacteria provide healthy growth and healthy soil . Bio Grow Tabs are 100% organic and contain no heavy metals or pathogenic microorganisms, are stool free, odorless, and easy to use. Example mode: put the tablets a few centimeters deep in the soil near the roots . Then just give water. The irrigations will be in charge of diluting them slowly during the whole culture. Easier Impossible!!! Available in box of 9, 18 or 36 Bio-tablets
10.00 € incl tax 7.50 € incl tax