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Bio Kali Biological Line

An organic fertilizer rich in potasium (k)
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Flower Power Foliar (spray) Fertilizer Basic Line

NPK 18-18-18 FOLIAR Fertilizer by #flowerpowerfertilizers is a solid fertilizer that sprayed directly on the leaves ensures better nutrient assimilation, reduces stress and helps to achieve more spectacular harvests 🤩. Foliar fertilizers cause an increase in sugar levels in plants. Studies have shown that ingestion through the leaves can be up to 10 times faster and is therefore the most direct route to correcting any deficiencies 🚑 FOLIAR can produce better yielding plants 😉 Contains a NPK 18 18 18 Iron and phosphorus are some nutrients that have difficulty traveling through the plant, spraying these and other much needed nutrients will ensure better uptake. Spraying leaves with FOLIAR prevents plant diseases and has another great benefit, it increases nutrient uptake from the soil 😋. FOLIAR is the best fertilizer to keep your mother plants of cuttings without deficiencies and with constant growth 😍. It should not be applied during hot hours, as the water creates a magnifying glass effect 🔎 Indoors use when the lights are turned off💡 Outdoors without sun. Spray the vines when it is dawn or dusk, so that the plant can absorb it well and does not get sunburned 🌜. FOLIAR is very effective if used properly. Do not spray on flowers ⛔ Spraying flowers causes a rotting process. Its use is most effective before the plant reaches the flowering stage 🌻. FOLIAR is a solid fertilizer and easily soluble in water💦. It is available in 50 grams format. It is very easy to use, simply mix the correct proportion of fertilizer with water and you are ready to go 🔛 When using FOLIAR don't forget to follow up with your Flower Power fertilizer for soils, it is not a substitute, but an additional additive☑️ Economize your crops 🤑 and don't carry heavy carafes that are difficult to hide from the sight of the curious 🤬.
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Protecion and detecion glasses for indoor cultivating and glasshouses

Gafas de deteción y proteción en ivernaderos
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Malla scrog verde 20x20cm 2x25mtr

Malla scrog verde 20x20cm 2x25mtr
$40.60 incl tax