Reasons why marihuana leaves turn yellow

Reasons why marihuana leaves  turn yellow

Reasons why marihuana leaves turn yellow
pH problems
To be able to absorb the nutrients optimally you must have an adequate pH, otherwise as a result it will cause nutritional deficiencies. Basically, when the pH of your nutrient solution drifts above or below the particular level for your substrate, it prevents complete absorption of all elements of the solution, the water and or the nutrients. The roots will lack certain nutrients and micronutrients as the wrong pH causes a blockage. Investing in a pH meter is always a good option and it's essential to use cannabis fertilizers with perfect pH solutions, such as Basic Line & Biological Line of Everano Flower Power that can automatically adjust a wider pH range. When used correctly as described in the feeding schedule and blog, the ph problems will dissapear.
Sometimes things go wrong with cannabis crops and leaves turn yellow. Once we have clear that the yellow leaves are not due to the pH, we should  review the irrigation. 
Excess water 
The desire to satisfy your plant's thirst can lead you to overdo it with water and end up drowning it, it also causes the soil to become saturated, which leads to a reduction in oxygen that can starve the roots. What to do? Water less. It is also recommended to allow the top 2.5cm of the soil to dry before watering your plants again. You can check this by putting your fingers in the soil or a stick. 
Lack of water
Sometimes out of fear of drowning your plants, you end up drying them out. Let the top 2.5cm of the soil dry when you check it, the rest moist, you can check it with your fingertips.

If your cannabis plants are watered correctly and the pH is right, perhaps the problem may be related to nutrients. Lack of nutrients will cause cannabis leaves to turn yellow. Nutrient deficiencies can interrupt cannabis growth and prevent plants from performing vital functions. You can stop the yellowing of the leaves caused by the lack of nutrients by using Everano Flower Power Basic Line designed specifically for cannabis plants in every phase, and feed the plants directly. It contains all the essential micro and macro nutrients that cannabis plants need. Using the correct nutrients in the right amounts at the right time will protect your plants from nutrient deficiencies. 
Too many nutrients can cause burns, resulting in yellow leaves, crisp and curly. We recommend to use Everano Basic Line  according to the instructions in the growing schedule to avoid these complications. 
In case of over fertilization, rinse the growing medium with pure water.
Cold below 10°C causes the leaves in most cannabis strains to turn yellow. There are some strains that take purple and bluish tones. This can be a fantastic plus in the final flowering phase, but should be avoided at the beginning of growing, keeping temperatures within the parameters for healthy growth, between a minimum of 20°C and a maximum of 26°C. 
Heat also can cause the leaves of cannabis plants to turn yellow, and they dry out indoors and outdoors. On top of it temperatures above 28/30°C prevent cannabis plants from photosynthesis effectively and make the buds form looser and more airy
Sometimes we don't need to worry about yellow leaves. They are simply a natural part of the life cycle. Cannabis plants often shed older fan leaves that turn yellow before falling to the ground. During the flowering phase, the plants divert most of their energy towards the flowers, which also causes a slight yellowing of the leaves .
Flushing towards the end of the flowering phase will also cause leaves to turn yellow and fall from their branches.
The success of a marijuana grow depends on the skill of the grower to balance all the factors necessary for the health of the plants. For example Lack of light will result in reduced growth; and if the light source is too close, the leaves will go yellow, wither and burn. The best thing is to move the affected plants away and inform yourself about the appropriate distance in which you should place your plants with respect to the light (see previous posts in blog)
At last but not least: insekts. Almost all pest start showing it to you by turning the color of the leaves in yellow, slowly or fast. There are very effective natural ways to beat them (upfront) available, such as predators or extracts of field horse tail (Equisentum Arvense L)

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