Fragrant Sticks

Do not panic, the use of repellents does not do them any harm. They are simply mixtures of odors that are unpleasant to them, which will make the place less attractive to them.

Pesticides. As time goes on, more and more people are becoming concerned (and rightly so!).

We have a wide range of animal repellents at a very competitive price. 
Protect your crops without harming animals

The products are made from "EMPIREUMATIC OIL", which emits a peculiar strong and persistent odor that has the property of repelling a large number of animal species.
These products protect cultivated fields, fruit and forest plantations, horticultural crops, nurseries and gardens, meadows and golf courses from the attacks of different animal species.

Growing marijuana outdoors is an enormously rewarding process that allows the grower to spend more time and connect more deeply with nature. The larger space available outdoors allows for much larger plants and much larger yields. But planting outdoors has its own challenges. Nature is home to a large number of animals that enjoy eating plants and are eager to devour your cannabis crop.

Use these methods to keep your plants safe until harvest time.