Bio PK Booster Biological Line

Bio PK Booster by #flowerpowerfertilizers regulates the absorption and transport of nutrients and plays an important role in flowering 😍. Due to the high amounts of potassium and bone meal, your plants will have a higher yield, both in taste and smell πŸ˜‹ In short, the plants will be of better quality in general and providing more yield πŸ˜ŽπŸ‘Bio PK Booster organic fertilizer is completely free of chemicals and heavy metals πŸ˜… Available in 500 and 1000 gram bags πŸ›οΈ This Bio-PK Booster regulates the absorption and transport of nutrients and plays an important role in the flowering and fruiting in pot, tub and garden plants
17.50 € incl tax

Lava Gold Biological Line

The main component of LAVA GOLD #flowerpowerfertilizers is silica, the next mineral present is alumina and is followed by calcium, iron and magnesium oxide 🌟. Lava Gold also contains manganese phosphorus and sulfur compounds ✨. Does your soil have a shortage of minerals and trace elements❓ Then Lava Gold is irreplaceable as a mineral treatment ⭐. The next important factor is the amount of trace elements. These are the central atoms from which cell formation and amino acid formation are regulated Lava Gold serves as a nutrient binder and acts as an ion exchanger in the complex nutrient exchange system between the soil and the roots of marijuana plants 🌱. Available in bags of 100 grams and 500 gramsπŸ›’ Usage:100 grams m2
24.50 € incl tax

Bio Kali Biological Line

An organic fertilizer rich in potasium (k)
9.50 € incl tax

Vinasse Biological Line

Usage: 50 grams a square meter
11.00 € incl tax

Endo Mycorrhiza Root Stimulator Biological Line

The word mycorrhiza, of Greek origin, defines the symbiosis between a fungus and the roots of a plant. As in many symbiotic relationships, both participants gain benefits. In this relationship, the fungus feeds on sugars (such as carbohydrates) produced by the plants through photosynthesis and, in return, the fungus makes water and nutrients more available in the soil for them. There are two types, each of which works somewhat differently but results in the same benefits which are, improved nutrient uptake, improved drought resistance, protecting plants from harmful pathogens and improving soil structure and retaining carbon. Ecto mycorrhiza: Ecto mycorrhizal fungi are those fungi that form a beneficial relationship but live in the rhizosphere, these organisms live just outside the root system protecting plants from disease. Endo mycorrhiza live inside the roots, they help in the absorption of nutrients and water in exchange for sugars which brings many benefits to all plants, including cannabis. It uses beneficial fungi to help roots develop and improve plant growth.
27.50 € incl tax 14.95 € incl tax

Seaweed Calcium Biological Line

Don't worry if you're not lucky enough to live by the sea, you can get all the benefits of calcium from seaweed with SEAWEED CALCIUM #flowerpowerfertilizers. Plants treated with SEAWEED CALCIUM from #flowerpowerfertilizers develop more balanced, with good root formation, helping to take advantage of available nutrients 🌱. Our Algae Calcium in granular form originates from primitive organisms and therefore has a fossil origin. These organisms evolved millions of years ago in the oceans and have a skeleton consisting of calcium-rich material. This calcium has a mild effect and works de-acidifying πŸ’š. Available in 500 grams and 1000 grams bags πŸ›’
11.00 € incl tax

Flower Power Bloom Fertilizer Basic Line

Every grower wants his plants to be healthy and productive, and choosing the right fertilizer is a great way to achieve that goal. And of course we all want to grow the most beautiful flowers and big buds !! "BLOOM" (Basic Bio-Mineral Line) contains a higher concentration of phosphorus to quickly build the sugars necessary to produce flowers and buds. It was designed to maximize performance during the flowering period, guaranteeing the best possible results and avoiding any type of deficiencies during the flowering period. Along with phosphorus, your plant's diet during the flowering stage should include plenty of potassium. Potassium plays an important role in photosynthesis and is vital for both development and overall plant health. It is essential for growing large, heavy buds and can help increase the overall weight and density of cannabis flowers. Suitable for ANY grow medium, e.g. potting soil or hydroponics.
10.00 € incl tax

Flower Power Start Fertilizer Basic line

Start helps promote strong roots for big, beautiful plants. It's our bio-mineral root stimulator especially indicated to start any crop. It is perfect for both cuttings and young plants. It contains an NPK 11-40-13, it also includes mycorrhizae and probiotics that restructure the soil and improve the nutritional processes of plants. It provides all the nutrients that plants need at the beginning, favoring a great development of roots and maximum protection against all types of pathogens that may affect them in the first days. The high concentration of phosphorus is vital for root growth, specifically to help seeds and transplants get off to a successful and balanced start. One of our star products, INICIO, is an ideal complement for the growth of your marijuana plants as well as for vegetables or fruits. It is structured to strengthen the root system and vegetative growth. It improves nutrient absorption, transport and mineral mobilization. In short, with INICIO you will get a higher concentration of roots, whiter and stronger, thicker stems, improve color and promote a more abundant flowering. NPK 11 - 40 - 13 Available in bags of 50, 500 and 1000 grams.
10.00 € incl tax

Flower Power Boost Fertilizer Basic Line

Do you want to have giant, solid and compact buds? Well if so, here is BOOST by #flowerpowerfertilizers, a bloom booster with high concentrations of phosphorus (P) and potassium (K) enriched with large amounts of secondary micronutrients such as magnesium or calcium that will allow you to fatten the buds of your marijuana plants to the maximum πŸ˜‹. BOOST is a very powerful solid flowering stimulator, and has been designed in the laboratory specifically for fast flowering plants, making the buds more developed and develop more THC 🧐 BOOST manages to improve both the production and the final quality of the harvest thanks to its perfectly balanced formula that increases root development and improves the structure of the substrate 🌱. In addition, it contains numerous pro-biotics that help to improve soil activity and nutrition processes, thus managing to improve the quality and production of budsπŸ’ͺ NPK 0 - 27 - 27 Works very well in all types of crops, especially in hydroponic crops where prebiotic life does not usually occur 🀠 Zero Residues πŸ’― It is mandatory to use Boost with #flowerpowerfertilizers' FLORATION base fertilizer if you want to get the best results πŸ†. It is available in 10 grams, 50 grams and 100 grams format and its dosage is only 0.2 g per liter of water πŸ’¦. They are very easy to use, simply mix the correct proportion of fertilizer with water and you are ready to go πŸ”› Economize your crops and don't carry heavy carafes that are difficult to hide from the view of curious people πŸ˜‰ Flower Power Boost Fertilizer consists of phosphorus (P) and potassium (K), enriched with high amounts of secondary macro elements.
10.00 € incl tax

Flower Power Fertilizer Kit Mini Basic Line for Indoor and outdoor Gardens 50 gr Start/ 100 gr Grow / 100 gr Bloom / 10 gr Boost

Our Mini Kit 'all in one' brings together all the nutrients that cannabis plants require, covering all the needs of a complete culture in a grow tent of a bulb or on a balcony. All the fertilizers in our 'Mini Fertilizer Kit for indoor / outdoor growing' are composed of ingredients that dissolve completely in water, so no matter what method you use to water, you won't have any problems with clogged pipes or sprayers. They are complete and balanced fertilizers for the different stages of growth, flowering and fattening of marijuana plants, and can be used in any growing medium: soil, perlite, coco, rockwool, water, etc. A good harvest begins with Everano Flower Power Fertilizers! This Flower Power Fertilizer Kit Mini contains: 1 bag of Start - 50gr / 1.76 oz 1 bag Increase - 100gr / 3.52 oz 1 bag Flowering - 100gr / 3.52 oz 1 bag Boost - 10gr / 0.35 oz
40.00 € incl tax 35.00 € incl tax

Flower Power Foliar (spray) Fertilizer Basic Line

NPK 18-18-18 FOLIAR Fertilizer by #flowerpowerfertilizers is a solid fertilizer that sprayed directly on the leaves ensures better nutrient assimilation, reduces stress and helps to achieve more spectacular harvests 🀩. Foliar fertilizers cause an increase in sugar levels in plants. Studies have shown that ingestion through the leaves can be up to 10 times faster and is therefore the most direct route to correcting any deficiencies πŸš‘ FOLIAR can produce better yielding plants πŸ˜‰ Contains a NPK 18 18 18 Iron and phosphorus are some nutrients that have difficulty traveling through the plant, spraying these and other much needed nutrients will ensure better uptake. Spraying leaves with FOLIAR prevents plant diseases and has another great benefit, it increases nutrient uptake from the soil πŸ˜‹. FOLIAR is the best fertilizer to keep your mother plants of cuttings without deficiencies and with constant growth 😍. It should not be applied during hot hours, as the water creates a magnifying glass effect πŸ”Ž Indoors use when the lights are turned offπŸ’‘ Outdoors without sun. Spray the vines when it is dawn or dusk, so that the plant can absorb it well and does not get sunburned 🌜. FOLIAR is very effective if used properly. Do not spray on flowers β›” Spraying flowers causes a rotting process. Its use is most effective before the plant reaches the flowering stage 🌻. FOLIAR is a solid fertilizer and easily soluble in waterπŸ’¦. It is available in 50 grams format. It is very easy to use, simply mix the correct proportion of fertilizer with water and you are ready to go πŸ”› When using FOLIAR don't forget to follow up with your Flower Power fertilizer for soils, it is not a substitute, but an additional additiveβ˜‘οΈ Economize your crops πŸ€‘ and don't carry heavy carafes that are difficult to hide from the sight of the curious 🀬.
35.00 € incl tax

Capsanem contra caterpillars

Biological solution against caterpillars and other larves
120.00 € incl tax

Spidex Vital Predators (Phytoseielus persimilis) contra Red Spider

Predators (Phytoseielus persimilis) contra Red Spider
59.00 € incl tax

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