What is the best place to put your marihuana plants outdoor

What is the best place to put your marihuana plants outdoor

The season is coming to plant your marihuana seeds or cuttlings into the soil outdoors. So what is the best place to put them when you can choose? There are a few important factors that can be taken in consideration.

Soilgrounds: The soil is the only contact your plant has with the terrain, so its best to find the best fitting one. In this, not only the nutrients available are of big importance. Also ph can make a big difference. Look for plants or trees that like the same ph, as conifers, and see how they are doing. Season plants as marihuana like it when there roots can grow quikly so they can develop in one season. Look for places where the roots can grow freely, without too many obstacles underground as rocks or tree roots. "Loose" soil has preference over hard (pressed) earth. Grasses, and even more weeds, are always a good sign for fertility of the soil, especially clover.

Sunlight: Very important! Many think the more the better but thats not always as that. Some countries have an extremely harsh sunshine that burns everything down, even cannabis. Also some varieties cannot handle too much burning sun, while other variations love it. When you live in the mountains be aware of the hill side you put your plants. Morning sunshine has more blue light in it and your plants will love it when growing. Later on in the day the color of the sunrays will change into more red, which your flowering plants will love to receive to make buds.

Air: look for a place that has some aircirculation or movement. This to avoid molds, overheat, and dry out of your plants. Later on in the season probably some storms with wind and water will appear. It would be nice if the marihuana plants can be (a bit) protected for this by trees, walls, buildings, or hills.

Pests: There will always be insekts that like to spoil the fun growing pot. The good news is there are also almost always predator insekst flying and crawling around to eat these pests insekts. Look for availability! On a surrounding with no other green life the probabilty of predators is zero. On a surrounding with a big variety of different plants and trees there will be many insekts,  and many predators to save your crops.
Some other plants do attrack pests as spider mite very much As roses are for many pests and funghi. This is why some growers put a rose plant close, as a detection alarm. If there are pests, for sure you can find them first on the roses. Farmland around? Some traditional vegetable farmers still use pesticides for their crops. Watch out for their pesticides so they dont come with the wind or water to your cannabis plants and roots! In neighbourhoods of water or other supergreen places look for overpopulation rabbits and rabbitholes. Rabbits love to eat your plants, all season long and especially when young and juicy!

Visits by humans: if you can put your marihuana plants out of sight of neighbours, hunters, joggers and others, there are a lot of people who like your crop to smoke or sell. Some (agricultural) regions are monitored by drones by farmers or by government because of distribution of water or other reasons.

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