What size air extractor is needed growing marihuana succesfull indoor or in grow tents in a simple explanation

What size air extractor is needed growing marihuana succesfull indoor or in grow tents in a simple explanation

Most materials needed to grow indoors are pretty simple to know your needs or wishes, but extractors seemed to be a point of discussion always.
The reason for that is simple; most explanations just think about one aspekt of the extractor which is move air. But if you think about it a bit more you realize there is more as only that whats important for extraction in grow tents or interior gardens. Lets start with the why. Why do you need an extractor? To suck the heat away, to provide oxigen and fresh air to your grow place, and to filter the outgoing air from smells by sucking it through filters.
Most indoor gardens or grow tents you want to keep secret from neighbours and visitors because of whats inside of it, so sound is an important value also!

For all indoor gardens you will need 60 % of the wattage you use on hps or lec lights, in power of m3 of your extractor. In tents stick to 100 % of watts used by grow lights. This way you are very sure you can take away heat, also when its mid summer and a heat wave. The fresh air needed will be given generously this way. Shortage of fresh incoming air is always causing bad crops. When the plants are fragile, as clones or seedlings, just put a dimmer in between if wanted.
Knowing this percentage choose a size of extractor that is just bigger as needed. This way you can take a dimmer to reduce just a litlle bit, which causes your extractor is never working at full power. This makes a hugh difference in sound! Simular story for your air filter. Always choose a bit bigger size filter as needed. This way the air will have more time to be filtered inside the filter by not pushing it to its limits. Other advantage is your extractor and filter last longer.

# in interior garden with 10 lights of 600 watt you use 6000 watt. An extractor of 60% of 6000 w is needed which is 3600 m3. Better choose just one size bigger just as 3900m3 and you are guaranteed out of any problems extracting air from your cannabis garden. The filter you need would be 3900m3, but also this one pick just a bit bigger, as 4200m3.
# in a grow tent with 2 (hps or lec 600) lights makes 1200w. The extractor needed is 100% of watts used which is 1200m3. Aim just a bit bigger and take a 1300m3 air sucktion. The size of your filter you choose must be bigger as the power extractor, so go for 1400 or 1500m3 capacaty.

Try to avoid unnecessary lenght and curves in the air tubes because it will reduce the m3 transported.

Examples above are calculated without the need of using an extractor blowing air into your growplace as well!

With this simple calculations you can obtain heavy and healthy Crops, without causing too much sound and with zero smells.

Note: not all dimmers are fit to be used with extractors! Some dimmers will cause noises or problems. Ask before buying. Mostly the stepwise dimmers go better as the manual ones.


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